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Tea and Snapshots by tanmei
Tea and Snapshots
PAX Australia 2014 // Day 2

Emmy Altava: :icontanmei:
Professor Layton: :iconznemesis:

Photo by Psychol0gist


I've wanted to cosplay Emmy for a while. I had a suitable wig in my collection, and it would be something comfortable to wear around conventions. Plus, I'm continuing to expand upon my collection of costumes from the Layton series, doing Flora back in 2011, and then Espella Cantabella earlier this year.

While at PAX Aus Day 1, I spotted ZNemesis as Professor Layton at the Nintendo handheld area. In my Dragon Age Origins cosplay at the time, I ran over to say hi. I was given some puzzles! Luckily, he would be Professor Layton the entire PAX weekend. Didn't find him until the afternoon of the second day, but we took a few photos. We also (separately) found different Phoenix Wright cosplayers, and found a Maya Fey as well.

Compliments to ZNemesis on his Layton cosplay, to date, he's one of the most accurate Laytons I've seen (he dyed the shoes to get that exact colour!) He also carried around several props including the teacup (seen here), he made puzzle notepads, where he tore off a sheet to give out puzzles to attendees all convention, complete with QR code for hint coins/solutions (because everything reminds Layton of a puzzle) and also carried a fiendish physical plastic interlocking puzzle (which took me several goes to solve, only then could I truly be Professor Layton's assistant!)

I bought fabric to make the trench coat originally, but I was working on a huge cosplay for day 3 of PAX, that I didn't really get time to sit down and sew it. Only part of this costume that I made was the bow tie. May make the jacket at some point, but the one I bought wasn't too bad - I was so picky about the colour!
Camera prop is a 1982 Nikon 35mm camera that we had at home, put some old 35mm film from 2006 in it and took some photos for fun - haven't developed it yet!

Layton and Luke plushies are mine.
The Story Begins... by tanmei
The Story Begins...
Trying not to give any possible spoilers away in the title as I know the game hasn't been released in the US yet...

I bring Espella Cantabella out for the second time - only I've now got Passingsorrow cosplaying with me as The Storyteller! We road-tripped to this convention, which was an 8 hour drive. It's been about 3 weeks since the convention now, but these great photos by the roaming photographers were only uploaded recently.

I made my own costume and props, which took me about 3 weeks on and off. The dress was made from a Butterick pattern, with hand-painted details on the hem, there's a leather corset which is more visible in my other photos, and my cape is a shortened McCalls pattern with a lined hood. My "Historia Labyrinthia" is actually a book box, which I added a carry handle to (and I can store things inside it!)

As soon as I finished my costume, I drafted patterns for the Storyteller's robe and gown based off the McCalls OUAT patterns, and sewed those together over the 3 weeks that followed - I had so much fun putting it together. Passingsorrow made the bow, mask and book, styled the wig, as well as masking out and painting approximately 90 purple diamonds onto the gown (at which point he nearly went insane). We didn't finish making facial hair pieces, so the illusion of a moustache and goatee was created with my improvised makeup skills! He's also missing his quill and some of the jewellery, but should have those by the time the next con comes around, when we'll wear these costumes again!

The Storyteller: :iconpassingsorrow:
Espella Cantabella: :icontanmei:

Convention: AVCon 2014, Adelaide, Australia.
Photo by Anne Vu [annedr0id on Flickr]

Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney is released by Level-5 and Capcom - who also released a wonderful artbook full of really useful costume references.
Antoinette - Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar by tanmei
Antoinette - Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar
One of my cosplays for Manifest 2013, made in the space of a week! Never doing that again. I was still finishing the cuffs on the morning of the day I had to wear it.
Nobody except my friends knew who I was cosplaying ^^; I'd been playing the game for a few months prior and decided I needed to do a costume from this game.

It's not entirely accurate either, the stripes on the skirt should be about 200% bigger, but I'm proud of it for several reasons:

I drafted all my patterns from scratch for this costume. I matched stripes and made two circle skirts, both of which were edged with bias binding, and managed to get my ruffler foot working to make about 10 metres of ruffles to go on the yoke. And that striped fabric was formerly navy and white, and I spent so much time getting it to this shade of blue! Shoes were former dance shoes bought off eBay and re-soled.

Argh, and after all that, I forgot to take off my lanyard. Oops! :ohnoes:

Costume by tanmei
Photo by Lilap Media
Elf Mage: Dragon Age Origins by tanmei
Elf Mage: Dragon Age Origins
Worn at PAXAus 2013 and Amaranth 2013 (so far).
Based off this Dragon Age Origins concept art by Jason Chan, and also inspired by fellow deviant HayleyElise and her version of this costume.

Amulet belt is air dry clay + real lapis lazuli beads, corset is brown vinyl, custom patterned, and has 20 eyelets set into the back. Dress and overskirt is "nighttime" satin from Lincraft, second overskirt in teal suede trimmed with fringing. I also made a really quick dagger from duct tape and cardboard, not shown here, but I now have a real prop one to go with this costume.

Costume by tanmei
Photo by Lilap Media
Twirl, Kallen, twirl! by tanmei
Twirl, Kallen, twirl!
Kallen Stadtfeld's prison dress from Code Geass. Made for a Code Geass meet in 2012.

Just having a little fun after the main shoot, all of us with swirly dresses did a bit of a spin! My skirt is a full circle (and cut longer at the back). Much twirliness!

Costume by tanmei
Photo by neilcreek
It's been a while since I've uploaded anything, including all of my 2013 cosplays, among anything else! Let's see, since I got back from holiday in January, I worked 4 days a week, rehearsed 3 times a week for a local theatre's musical (Phantom of the Opera!), did a costume commission during March/April, made and altered costumes for Phantom of the Opera, left my day job, then performed 12 times in Phantom of the Opera for the first half of June...and then burnt out, got really sick and was bedridden for the 2nd half of June.

Then I spent the next week and a half finishing my Espella Cantabella cosplay that I had planned in January and started sewing in April!

Headed to the first con I've been able to attend for nine months, which was Oz Comic-Con last weekend. It's hard getting back into cosplaying when you haven't done it for a while, but I had a good day catching up with friends and test-running my Espella Cantabella cosplay in preparation for heading to AvCon Adelaide in just over a week.

I've now got my cosplay/costumery page up and running on Facebook, yay! As soon as I posted that last journal entry, I finally sat down and uploaded WIP photos of most of my completed costumes, because I take a lot of WIP photos when I'm making costumes and props, and it's nice to see the costume process from start to finish. It's also a way for me to document all my costume progress and not clog up my own Facebook page with photos.

Find my costume musings here at my page, Tanmei Costumery!

A comment from KatyMerry earlier today prompted me to reflect back on all the cosplays and costumes I have made and worn to various events during the last five years, and actually see how much I've grown with both my costumes and cosplay skills. I'm struggling to fit all of my costumes in my wardrobe now!

1. Purple Reign Ballgown, original design
2. C.C., Code Geass (CLAMP! artbook dress)
3. (not pictured) Tinkerbell, Peter Pan/Disney's Fairies
Purple Reign Ballgown by tanmei C.C. cosplay - Manifest '10 by tanmei

4. Flora Reinhold, Professor Layton and Pandora's Box/Unwound Future
5. 18th century gown, original design
6. Lia de Beaumont, Le Chevalier d'Eon
"Take that, puzzle" by tanmei Lady of the Royal Court by tanmei Lia de Beaumont - Manifest '11 by tanmei

7. Alice Liddell, Alice: Madness Returns (Silk Maiden)
8. Christine Daae, The Phantom of the Opera (stage: Star Princess)
9. Kallen Stadtfeld, Code Geass (yellow prison dress)
10. Steampunk saloon lady, original design
Lurking in Oriental Grove by tanmei Christine Daae - The Star Princess by tanmei Twirl, Kallen, twirl! by tanmei Original Design: Steampunk western saloon lady by tanmei

11. Neria Surana/Elf Mage, Dragon Age: Origins (based on concept art by Jason Chan)
12. Antoinette, Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar
13. Ramona Flowers, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (movie: army green outfit)
Elf Mage: Dragon Age Origins by tanmei Antoinette - Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar by tanmei 

The Great Witch? by tanmei
14. Espella Cantabella, Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney

Upcoming/planned for 2014, not in any particular order:
- Operetta, Monster High (original wave outfit)
- Brown steampunk bustle dress, original design...this was started in April 2013.
- Death Prophet, DOTA 2 (Regalia of the Mortal Coil)

Hopefully I'll be able to get these three completed - I'm now in a full time web designer/producer position, giving me only evenings and weekends to work on cosplay!
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Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
Hello there! You may call me Cal!

I'm a full time web producer, developer, and designer by day, and cosplayer, singer and musical theatre actress by night!

I love to sew. Especially cosplays and costumes. More recently, I have got into steampunk and period clothing.

Since 2010, I have been regularly cosplaying, so a part of my gallery is devoted to my cosplays and costumes. Please visit and like my costumery page on Facebook, for more detailed breakdowns and work-in-progress shots of my costumes!

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